About The Dreaming Foundation

Our vision is to provide sustainable funding independent of Government to Close the Gap between Indigenous & Non-Indigenous Australians by investing in Aboriginal led organisations who deliver impactful programs and initiatives.

The Dreaming Foundation was launched in 2021 by Aboriginal owned private equity and investment company Biripi Capital.

Biripi Capital’s 100% owned The Dreaming Food Group uses ‘food as an enabler’ to provide one of the primary sources of income into The Dreaming Foundation by donating a third of its profits to the Dreaming Foundation every year.

The primary model is the more successful The Dreaming Food Group is, the more income which is donated to The Dreaming Foundation allowing a greater funding pool to invest in Aboriginal led organisations which are working to Close the Gap.

The Dreaming Foundation Limited is registered as a Public Benevolent Institution and a charity which is Advancing Social or Public Welfare with the Australian Charities & Not for Profit Commission (ACNC) and holds Deductible Gift Recipient status with the Australian Tax Office (ATO).

How We Work

01. Champion

We want to get more investment independent of Government into Aboriginal led programs and initiatives which Close the Gap.

To do this, we are a Champion to Close the Gap, we are a voice to Government and Corporate Australia, and we create links between Aboriginal led organisations and sustainable funding.

We look holistically at all the Close the Gap outcomes, we continually map Aboriginal led organisations which are working to those outcomes, and we shine a light appropriately on opportunities for funding which can have the most impact.

02. Fund

We provide grants to Aboriginal led organisations which can or are delivering programs or initiatives which have a direct link to any-one (or more) of the social outcomes to Close the Gap. We have Aboriginal self determination in our funding model, which means that we believe that Aboriginal people are best placed to determine what programs and initiatives are best to achieve maximum outcomes.

We also have the capacity to develop and lead programs or initiatives in our own right where we believe that we are best placed to do so.

We only provide grants to organisations which meet a certain criteria including their vision, objectives, Governance model, transparency and ability to provide outcomes reporting. We have this criteria to ensure that grants we provide achieve maximum benefit and lead programs or initiatives in our own right, where we believe that we are best placed to do so.

We will work with organisations or individuals to assist them meet these criteria where we believe that by doing so we are meeting our core objective to Close the Gap.

03. Connect

We connect Government, Corporate Australia and Aboriginal led organisations together so they can learn together, share resources, ideas and advice to Close the Gap. Our network is a powerhouse of collaboration, where successes, failures and solutions are shared to help ensure we do Close the Gap.

Principal Funders and Supporters

The Dreaming Foundation recognises the significant contribution of Aboriginal Artist, Storyteller and Digital Creator, Wayne Quilliam (www.aboriginalart.art) as Photographic Partner to the Foundation working with us to capture the authentic and true stories of Aboriginal Australia.
Wayne's image's are displayed throughout the Foundation website.